Flavtistra 2016

Flute festival EuropeInteresting workshops and presentations
for festival participants and teachers:

Friday 25th November 2016, Koper Music School

Flute ParticipantFlute Teacher
PRESENTATION for teachers and festival participants

Raphael Leone


Flute festival EuropePiccolo´s enchantment
– Raphael Leone

A lot of music sounds more exciting played on piccolo than on flute, therefore it is worth to try it. The most important thing is the adequate selection of the repertory which can be easily adaptable. Musical playing is demanding and it shows us how to handle a piccolo. In this way we can find the loose and open sound within all dynamics.


Flute Participant Flute Teacher PRESENTATION for teachers and festival participants

Karl Heinz


Flute festival EuropeAbout the column of air – “Passepartout” of flute playing – Karl-Heinz Schütz

Every sound we elicit from the flute stands on it: the air column as a flexible design element in the various aspects of flute playing is to be looked at more closely.
Starting from basic breathing and / or blowing exercises, the overview leads through the rich repertoire of technical exercises (Bernold, Moyse and Taffanel). Special exposed situations of the musical expression are particularly looked at!


Saturday 26th November 2016, Koper Music School

Flute Participant
Flute Teacher WORKSHOP for festival participants

Melita Gole Kordiš

Flute festival EuropeHow is my body affected by playing a flute - Melita Gole Kordiš

Students will learn what impact has the flute playing on the body. How to take care of good posture during playing. There will be presented possible consequences on the body, if we don’t pay attention to proper posture. Participants will learn basic exercises to correct the posture. If we become aware of correct posture while playing, and we carry out regular exercises for posture correction, deformation does not occur. A healthy body and a good posture contribute to improve the flute playing.

Flute Teacher
PRESENTATION for teachers


Rok Erjavec

Flute festival EuropeA flute`s world in a different way – Rok Erjavec

There will be presented an objective view of the flute´s world through the eyes of a flute technician, service repairman and seller. What is for teachers something natural, it can be for students totally foreign. During flute´s handling is necessary to approach correctly and appropriate. We will fall into the description of physical aspect of flute´s functions throughout analysis of the materials, mechanic types, type of heads and all the details. There will be also presented the latest trends in the world of flutes.

Flute Participant
Flute Teacher WORKSHOP for festival participants

Rok Erjavec

Flute festival EuropeHandling the flute
- Rok Erjavec

Participants will learn what the flute is and how it works. The workshop will present a brief history of flute, the importance of Theobald Boehm and his inventions, an entire family of flutes, flute playing, physical effects and other attractions. Participants will be trained in a proper flute´s handling and storage. Participants will learn the importance of good cleaning and flute maintenance: the different cleaning techniques, the purpose of using different leathers, liquids and other devices.

Flute Teacher
PRESENTATION for teachers

Melita Gole Kordiš

Flute festival EuropeMaintaining the correct posture during flute playing - Melita Gole Kordiš

Teachers will learn how flute playing affects the students’ body in the phase of growing and developing. How can we help students to set a good posture. The presentation will offer a demonstration of various possibilities of body posture for children during practicing. The presentation will bring out many exercises and techniques for achieving an adequate and suitable posture. Teacher has a very specific and important role in working with students, so the knowledge of good posture and a positive attitude can contribute to healthy spine and good students’ posture.


Sunday 27th November 2016, Koper Music School

Flute Participant
Flute Teacher WORKSHOP for festival participants


Who am I and what I may become - Rozana Bažec

A teenager or a young person can easily lose his own expression in the flood of impulses surround him. His hidden potentials are gripped by fears of misunderstanding and rejection and they are waiting for better times. In this workshop we will try to meet our authentic expression and try to express it in the way of receiving. This trip will be accompanied by psychosynthesis techniques and art therapy.


Flute Teacher WORKSHOP for teachers


Aleš Pogačnik


Flute festival EuropePassionate and playful practicing - mission impossible?
- Aleš Pogačnik

Students are impressed by joy and enthusiasm while starting learning playing their favourite instrument. They want to learn as much as possible as soon as possible. Often we do not notice when their joy and excitement of playing an instrument change into a wish of satisfying the teacher and parents. At the workshop we will learn how to keep or arouse the child's playfulness and passion for playing and practicing an instrument.


Flute Participant Flute Teacher WORKSHOP for festival participants

Matej Grahek

Flute festival EuropeModern techniques and beatbox - Matej Grahek

For young flutists modern techniques are always interesting and attractive. The techniques offer a variety of options to improve the everyday practicing, providing a wider view on the instrument and allow greater control of flute playing. Young flute players will have the opportunity to test their correct diaphragm breathing. Participants will learn how to start practicing circular breathing and finally they will make a few basic steps in the area of beatboxing.

Flute Teacher
PRESENTATION for teachers


Rozana Bažec

Flute festival EuropeStudent-teacher relationship: through contact to success - Rozana Bažec

The presentation will bring out the best of multi-faced journey through the mysterious paths of the relationship between student and teacher. The relationship is distinguished by different qualities and enriching diversities. The moment when the Confluence between students and teachers happens has an important influence for teacher´s and student´s success of teaching and reaching achievements. In this precious and sophisticate relationship magical twists happen. The sense of being safe grows and it brings teacher and student into the music´s depths.